Well Fit Human seeks out the most Authentic, Personable and Skilled Coaches.

Partnering with the right people that share our values, are fun to be around and are passionate about their coaching. To us, these qualities are everything.

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Wendy Yates



Obsessed with fitness, travel and creating “Lifestyle Design for Living Well” Wendy is a true entrepreneur. As the founder of Abigail-Elise Design Studio and Well Fit Human Retreats, she is deeply committed to personal growth and having a positive influence on others via social and environmental projects. Her goals to do good, be fit, feel joyous, experience the world, create opportunity and dance a little hip-hop along the way are both inspiring and the foundation of our retreats.


What to Expect: One relentlessly motivated Boss Babe.

Amy Kwak

Coach/Personal Trainer

Driven, enthusiastic and strategically balanced when it comes to health.

Amy is a fitness queen. With years

of experience as a nationally recognized personal trainer, she utilizes functional, cardiovascular

and strength training techniques to create well rounded and structured fitness plans for both individuals and larger groups.


What to Expect: Overall conditioning that will leave you happy to be sore.

Carley Ewert

Coach/Yoga Instructor

Anatomical awareness, alignment

and amazing adjustments are only a few aspects Carley loves to cover in her yoga classes. With 15 years of experience as a massage therapist and yoga instructor, she is skilled in both verbally teaching students to listen to the deeper, subtle cues of the body and physically aiding them to new places through a combination of mindful sequencing and therapeutic guidance.  

What to Expect: 1) music, 2) the freedom to flow, and 3) classes that will leave you smiling from the inside out.

Claudine Norden

Coach/Personal Development

Adventure, ambition and inspiring people to be their personal best is what drives Claudine. She has 25 years of experience in corporate wellness, college football, youth sports, senior services and personal + professional leadership development. Skilled at empowering people to strive for higher levels of performance, she guides them to live and lead well. Claudine launched Ascent Life Planning, LLC in 2010 whereby she works with individuals and organizations in facilitating growth using emotional intelligence and the Paterson LifePlan modules

What to Expect: Inspiration, clarity and connection to live your best life!

Jesse James

Health and Wealth Coach 

In 2017, Jesse took $5000 and grew it to a six-figure trading business and then created a simple way to live his dream life eating healthy, working out, and teaching his son all that he learned. With over a decade of experience and education in stock market trading, his gentle approach to transcending negative stigmas about money will enlighten your approach to finance and parenting. 

Fathers working with Jesse create a loving, living dream life for themselves and their families while leaving a legacy of enriched living practices and generational wealth. 

 Lauren Hitchell

Coach/Personal Trainer

Dance, dance and dance some more. Then when she’s done, Lauren motivates everyone to keep dancing

while also instilling mindfulness, the power of manifestation and the value of community. Classically trained as a member of a prestigious dance company, she began teaching at the age of 16 and has continued to specialize in Barre, Hip-Hop Cardio, pole dancing, as well as a variety of other bootie burning workout regimes.

What to Expect: Excellent beats and some Booty Shakin FUN!  

Maria Esteve

Retreat & Social Media Coordinator

With an MBA in protocol, event organization, and institutional relations, Maria is truly a team player. She loves to encourage positive discussions in order to bring out the best in every individual.

Maria is passionate about organizing events and showing her vision of the world through social networks.
She loves traveling around the world and getting to know new cultures because it allows her to grow personally, while also feeling professionally fulfilled.


What to expect:  Endless fun and attention during our retreats. Inspiration and positivity! 

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Svetlana is a Divine Energy Healer and founder of The Light Freedom — her healing practice focuses on helping people to free their Light so they can shine bright and impact many. 

Svetlana has earned a Masters Degree in Spiritual and Metaphysical Studies. She shares her knowledge and gift in holding space for physically ill, emotionally confused, and mentally tired people in search of Light. She is a Spiritual Teacher, Transformational Speaker, Yoga and Meditation Expert that travels the world with her beautiful family and inspires people to create a life of their dreams.



Heart-centered social entrepreneur whose impact is experienced through global coaching programs and philanthropy that provide women and children with resources to feel supported, educated, and nourished with the vital skill sets needed to navigate the world with charisma and confidence.

As Chief Visionary of Boundless Brands, Shannon’s charitable foundation educates, supports and nourishes families through immersive, hands-on programs including intentional education, meal service, and practical skill set training. 

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Jerremy Newsome


Jerremy has built a reputation as one of the foremost pioneers in ‘fiscal therapy’. His vigor and drive for helping communities, families and individuals grow their financial literacy is second to none.


Jerremy was able to create and launch a company called Real Life Trading back in 2014. This starting point has allowed him to assist and enrich tens of thousands lives while also growing the company organically to a seven figure business.

He has been called "the Tony Robbins of the stock market" and is excited to enrich your life and change your financial beliefs!