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Well-Fit Human Warriors

Ambassador Community

Welcome. You are here because you align with our values and mission. Well-Fit Human Ambassadors help us share events and experiences and become a part of the ripple of positive impact and personal growth in the world. To expand together we then compensate you with a commission based on your referral.  With Light and Cheer.  To Request to Join Click HERE.

Ascend Movement
Everything is Possible

A Gateway to the New World Society where we commit to connecting resources to fast track a Conscious Collective of co-creation and co elevation amongst change agents, innovators, and leaders.  Here we Co Elevate to our highest vibration and become each others greatest success stories.

Mind Body and Soul

The wind cannot break the tree that bends. Understanding the difference between growth and change helps you get clear and discover the path to walking in your greatness.  Travelers learn to integrate the Clarity they need and connect mind body and soul.

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