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2021 Travel Goals: What, Why, How...Can I Make Plans Now?

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

What are Your 2021 Travel Goals?

To explore new and exciting places? Experience vibrant and exotic cultures? Embody activities that help you reflect and reconnect to all the things that refill your energetic cup? Exercise in a way that makes you glow from the inside out? Engage with a community different than your norm through authentic human connection?

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At Well Fit Human we are doing all of those things in 2021 and invite you to join us on a life-changing retreat to beautiful Belize in May and/or Croatia in October. By setting an intention and cultivating plans to recharge at your deepest level with a group of mindful humanitarian travelers you’ll instantaneously feel the benefits of purpose in a powerful way. Make 2021 your year to Sweat. Help. Heal.

Why join Well Fit Human in 2021?

You'll receive the perfect balance of hard work and healthy living. Your blood will pump and your mind calmed while engaged in yoga, meditation, strength training and Barre. Your body will feel nourished after several nutritional meals and your soul inspired after several days communicating with an intimate group of dynamic individuals. Add in oceanic waves that soothe you to sleep each night, fresh morning air that excites your senses and an overall purpose while volunteering with a local non-profit to get the #1 reason why joining us is recommended...You will feel amazing when you do!

Our specialized team of coaches will make you sweat but they’ll also guide you in a way that honors and nurtures where you currently are at. This isn’t a boot camp, as many may think, it’s a program tailored to help you heal in a fun and exciting way through challenge, insight, wellness conversations and a variety of mindfulness techniques that encourage personal growth and well-being.

How is it a humanitarian trip?

We will dedicate 2 afternoons in Hopkins Bay, Belize to work with the local primary school. We are gathering educational supplies prior to the trip that we can distribute and will assist the local teachers in their daily lessons while onsite.

In Vis Island, Croatia we are taking a different approach and working with a non-profit to help the environment. Through an afternoon of education and insight we’ll offer our support in any way, shape and form they need at that time. More details coming soon.

So, we’ll ask you one more time...What are your 2021 Travel Goals?

Explore, experience, embody, exercise, and engage with Well Fit Human Retreats.

Learn more about the trips and reserve your spot today HERE.

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